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What is MYOUR?

Customized mobility solutions by MOSOLF.

As an addition to our current collaboration, the MYOUR platform offers a digital service that provides you with transparency and evaluation options for your individual processes.

MYOUR has developed over the past years into a product of the MOSOLF service portfolio that is highly appreciated by our customers.

MYOUR consists of a basic technology (platform) and various standard features, which are constantly improved and extended. The base technology can also be used for additional services.

With MYOUR, we offer our customers absolute transparency throughout the entire vehicle process as well as the possibility to measure us at any time. In addition, possibilities for interaction.

What offers MYOUR?

Your transparent customer platform

With MYOUR we offer you the possibility to visualize your process chains. The solution is based on the core idea of combining as many data streams as possible from a wide variety of sources on one web application and increasing transparency for our customers.

  • Increase of transparency in
    the value chain

  • Active management of vehicles

  • Acceleration of cash-to-cash cycles

  • Reduction of inventory

  • A very simple as well
    as intuitive operation

  • Scalable pricing model –
    MYOUR grows with your business

How does MYOUR work?

Your transparent customer platform

MYOUR is constantly being evolved in iterative cycles and designed to meet the needs of market participants. You as our customers can directly use the expanding range of functions. In addition, individual requirements can be implemented for our customers.

  • Dashboard

• Display of key performance indicators, such as transit time, inventory and storage time
• customizable dashboard

Myour Dashboard von Mosolf
Myour Interaktion von Mosolf
  • Interaction

• Call off / overview and history of call offs
• Status information
• Order Placement
• Releases and comments

  • Interaktion

• Abrufe / Abrufhistorie
• Statusinformationen
• Beauftragungen
• Freigaben und Kommentare

  • Interfaces

• Vehicle interface
• Status interface
• Vehicle Details *
• Dealer core data

* Additional vehicle core data can be received flexibly from third-party systems

Myour Schnittstelle von Mosolf
  • An interactive list display of active orders or vehicles in stock

  • A list display of historical data (viewable for 1 year after process end)

  • Detailed view with status tracking. We agree the status view with you individually at the start of the order and customize it to your needs

  • The ability to provide your customers with insight into sections of the inventory and process progress, for example based on an individual dealer number (read rights)

  • Individual approvals with temporary links to detailed views

  • A comment function for sharing vehicle-related information

  • A call-off function that allows you to initiate a delivery to a location you specify

  • A display of cost estimates including the execution of release or rejection

  • A view of available consignment notes

  • An interface for enriching vehicle information (e.g. additional order numbers or equipment codes)

  • Our dashboard in the basic variant with four different KPI types (performance, inbound/outbound, stock duration, extended stock duration) incl. date picker to define time periods

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Your transparent customer platform